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The first block of the new main building of the Laakso Hospital area on March 7, 2024.

New early-morning detonation slot as of March 25

We are looking for ways to give more time for the prefab installation crew to perform their work and to cause less disruption to customers of the Synapsia Building.

Sairaala-alueen työmaa ilmakuvassa.

The morning blasting times will change from 18.3.

We are preparing for blasting near the Meilahti Hospital area.

Kaivinkoneita työssä avolouhintatyömaalla, jonka reunassa on harmaa rakennus.

Temporary blasting time from February 26th to March 11th 

A large construction site with an old hospital building in the background.

Resident event, 27 February, 6 pm to 7 pm 

Construction experts are ready to answer questions and talk about construction of the Laakso Joint Hospital.

Machines in the tunnel.

The construction of the Meilahti-Laakso tunnel is progressing under Urheilukatu

The bulletin has been distributed to the nearest resident buildings.

Porakone työskentelee pimeässä kalliotunnelissa.

Evening blasting time to extend slightly beyond 9 pm

Blasting always ends at 9 pm.

Mittamies työskentelee tunnelityömaalla.

Vibrations and noise from blasting can travel long distances in the bedrock

Perceptible vibrations indoors can feel very unpleasant.

Vaimennusmatot lentävät räjäytystyömaalla.

New blasting time from November 27th

See time frames for blasting and other working hours from our web pages.

Havainnekuvassa iso sairaalarakennus ja vanhoja sairaalarakennuksia keväisessä kaupunkimaisemassa.

SRV: Construction of the main building of the Laakso Joint Hospital starts

The construction of the main building of the Laakso Joint Hospital begins. The main contractor of the project, SRV, published its investor news on November 20, 2023.

Valoketjut valaisevat kalliotunnelin työmaata.

Construction of the Meilahti–Laakso tunnel begins – a resident event will be held on 27 November from 18:00–19:00

Tunnel excavation work will be completed in 2025 and most of the construction work in 2027.