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News from Laakso Joint Hospital.

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Kolme henkilöä tervaa kiveä kolmen harjan kanssa.

Excavation work in the Laakso Hospital area is on the final stretch — the site holds a “tarring ceremony”  

Excavation work in the Laakso Joint Hospital project is on the final stretch. The project involves unusual underground work — excavation has been effectively coordinated with sensitive hospital operations.

Illustrative view from the north to the Laakso hospital area. Large white buildings in a park-like setting.

The HUS General Meeting of March 15 approves new project plan and budget for Laakso Joint Hospital

The Laakso Joint Hospital Alliance is building two new hospitals in Laakso and one in Ohkola in Mäntsälä.

Rock transportations on Lääkärinkatu on Saturdays

Valkoisia sairaalarakennuksia yläviistosta kuvattuna.

Changes proposed to the scope and costs of the Laakso Joint Hospital project

We present updates to construction plans and costs. The matter will proceed to be decided by the policies of the City of Helsinki and HUS.