The HUS General Meeting of March 15 approves new project plan and budget for Laakso Joint Hospital

The Laakso Joint Hospital Alliance is building two new hospitals in Laakso and one in Ohkola in Mäntsälä.

Illustrative view from the north to the Laakso hospital area. Large white buildings in a park-like setting.
The new main building of Laakso Hospital will stand in a unique location in the immediate vicinity of the Helsinki Olympic Stadium and Central Park.

The owners of Laakso Joint Hospital – HUS and the City of Helsinki – have now given a green light on the revised project plan and budget for Laakso Joint Hospital. The final seal of approval was secured at the HUS General Meeting on March 15, 2023.

What is being built?

The Laakso Joint Hospital Alliance is building three new hospitals, two of which will be located in the Laakso hospital area in Helsinki. The third new building will house the HUS Forensic Psychiatry Department in Ohkola, Kellokoski. The project also involves renovating two protected buildings in Laakso.

The project will provide 932 new hospital beds, 876 of which will be located in Laakso in Helsinki and 56 in Ohkola in Kellokoski. The number of hospital beds has not changed from the original project plan.

The new main building of Laakso Hospital will be slightly smaller than originally planned. Patient rooms in psychiatric wards will be single-person rooms. The Helsinki hospital and HUS specialized neurological rehabilitation facilities will have both single-person patient rooms and shared rooms.

A new underground car park with 550 spaces as well as underground technical facilities will be built in the Laakso Hospital area.

Vehicular access to the hospital area and the car park will be mostly through a new road tunnel that will run under the Laakso riding arena. Traffic will enter the tunnel at Auroranportti by Aurora Hospital, which will reduce congestion in the surrounding neighborhoods.

The riding arena will reopen once the construction works have been completed.

According to the latest plan, the project will be ready in 2030.

What has changed?

For more information about the changes made to the project plan and the budget, see our news article of November 14, 2022 .

Minutes of the HUS General Meeting can be found on the HUS website (in Finnish) .