The Alliance and its values

The Alliance is a form of contract work in which the project’s customer, users, designers and builder form a joint organization. A joint project organization will be created for the Alliance, in which representatives of all parties will work together.

For example, in the Laakso Joint Hospital Alliance, the project manager comes from SRV and the deputy project manager comes from the real estate company.

An important part of the Alliance’s operating principles is the sharing of the risks and opportunities of the project between the parties to the Alliance. Together, the parties will set a target cost, to which both the customer and the other parties jointly commit. If the target cost remains below the targeted amount, all parties will benefit together. On the other hand, if the target cost is exceeded, all parties will share the loss.

Our mission is to build the best possible hospital for the future for patients, customers and employees, as well as for research and teaching use.


LYS Alliance values

We grow as individuals and as a community. We respect the environment. We improve our operations constantly.