The construction of the Meilahti-Laakso tunnel is progressing under Urheilukatu

The bulletin has been distributed to the nearest resident buildings.

Machines in the tunnel.
Excavation of underground tunnels in January 2024. Picture: Jussi Kaartinen / SRV.

The Meilahti and Laakso Hospital areas will be connected by a tunnel. Excavation began in the Laakso Hospital area in December 2023. Underground excavation will continue below Urheilukatu towards Meilahti in early 2024. The tunnel will run under the buildings at Urheilukatu 52 and 54 and Mannerheimintie 67 and 69.

The most disruptive work phase for residents in these buildings will be in early 2024, when excavation work will take place under the buildings.

Excavation for the Laakso Joint Hospital project began in the Laakso Hospital area in February 2023. The Meilahti–Laakso tunnel will be excavated in the same way as the other excavations in the hospital area. 

We strive to minimise disruption to residents by carrying out blasting work at the same times of day

Before excavation began in the Laakso Hospital area, the closest properties were surveyed by an external expert. The survey was conducted in summer 2022. 

The impacts of the Meilahti–Laakso tunnel excavation works on the buildings concerned will be monitored closely. Deformation monitoring bolts will be installed in the buildings to track any subsidence under the buildings. In addition, vibration meters will be installed in some of the buildings to enable the intensity of blasting to be monitored after every blast. These measurements can then be used to calculate the vibration values in the other buildings. If the work causes damage, the damage will be repaired under the project.  

We apologise for the inconvenience.