New early-morning detonation slot as of March 25

We are looking for ways to give more time for the prefab installation crew to perform their work and to cause less disruption to customers of the Synapsia Building.

The first block of the new main building of the Laakso Hospital area on March 7, 2024.
The first block of the new main building of the Laakso Hospital area on March 7, 2024.

We are introducing a new, earlier detonation slot as of Monday, March 25, 2024. There are at least two reasons for the change.

Construction crews in the Laakso Hospital area are currently working on three jobs:

  • The open-face blasting crew is making progress with excavating the foundation pit on the southern edge of the property.
  • The tunneling crew is hard at work excavating a number of underground parking garages.
  • The prefabricated frame for the new main building is going up, with the installation crew currently working on the northern edge of the property near the old hospital buildings.

Installing large prefabricated elements is not safe to do while there is blasting going on. The workers have to leave the area whenever charges are detonated. Switching to an earlier detonation time gives the prefab installation crew a longer continuous workday and minimizes the amount of time wasted waiting around.

The open-face blasting crew is due to begin work next to the Synapsia Building, which houses the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, in April. The earlier detonation time makes it possible to conclude blasting before customers of the rehabilitation center arrive in the morning. The construction site will therefore cause less interruption in the operation of the center.

The latest detonation schedule can always be found on our website under Working Hours.

We apologize for the inconvenience!