Construction site road to be built from the Laakso Hospital area to Laaksonkenttä

Worksites in the Laakso area in October 2022.
Worksites in the Laakso area in October 2022.

The Laakso Joint Hospital alliance is continuing its preparatory work in the Laakso Hospital area and Laaksonkenttä. The new construction site road, which most of the future site traffic will use, will be built in October and November.

The site road will run via a ramp from the Laakso Hospital area to Laaksonkenttä and onwards to Nordenskiöldinkatu from the junction at the Aurora hospital area.

The site road will be built from the hospital area down to Laaksonkenttä along a route where no trees are growing. When the construction work is completed, the site road will be demolished, and the area will be restored through landscaping. Thanks to the new site road, lorries and trucks will not need to drive along narrow residential streets. The new site road will improve safety while reducing traffic and potential congestion in Töölö.

Nordenskiöldinkatu pipe works to be completed in October

The southern part of the Laakso riding arena became a worksite last spring. This marked the start of construction of the water supply, district heating and other public utilities required by the Laakso Hospital buildings. 

In the final phase, pipelines were built under Nordenskiöldinkatu in August and September. Some of the lanes on Nordenskiöldinkatu were closed because of the construction site. The construction site on Nordenskiöldinkatu will be completed as planned in October, and normal traffic arrangements on the street will be restored.

Although the construction of public utilities will be completed, the excavation, quarrying and piling work will continue in Laaksonkenttä. However, since the completion of the construction of public utilities, the purpose of this work has changed – preparations are now underway for the construction of the work tunnel.

Lorries carry crushed concrete along Lääkärinkatu

The demolition of the former Laakso health centre building is entering the final stretch. All that remains of the large building are some piles of concrete waste, which a crusher on the site of the health centre breaks down into potato-sized chunks.

The crushed concrete is expected to be removed by lorries via Lääkärinkatu in September and October. The lorries will use the street between 7 am and 6 pm on weekdays. The crushed concrete will also be used to build the site road.

Roadworks in the yard area of Aurora Hospital

Preparatory work will also begin in the yard area of the Aurora hospital area in September/October. It will be necessary to alter the traffic arrangements in the yard, as the most important road connection to the Laakso Hospital area will be built in a tunnel that starts beside the yard.