Work during the summer

Karttakuva, jonka sisältö selitetty auki verkkosivutekstissä.

Map of the construction sites in the Laakso Hospital area, Laakso riding arena and Aurora Hospital area.

Edited on 29.6.2022: The dates have been changed. Work in Aurora Hospital area will not begin until August 2022. On Nordenskiöldinkatu work affecting road traffic is being carried out in July instead of August.

During summer, work will continue on the Laakso Joint Hospital construction sites in three different places:

  • The demolition contractor will continue working at the Laakso healthcare centre in July, and the demolition site will also be expanded to the daycare centre building.
  • Civil engineering work will continue at the Laakso riding arena and Aurorankenttä.
  • Minor roadworks to alter traffic arrangements in the Aurora Hospital area will begin in August.

Ongoing demolition work in the Laakso Hospital area

Work to demolish the former Laakso healthcare centre began in the spring and will continue until the autumn. The demolition of the daycare centre building will also begin in early July.

In 2021, the Laakso and Töölö healthcare centres were merged into Kivelä healthcare centre. The services that were previously located at Laakso healthcare centre were transferred to Kivelä healthcare centre earlier this year.

The Muksulaakso daycare centre will temporarily move into a pavilion on Kivitorpan kenttä (Laaksolahdentietie 21a). The daycare centre will move into Allergiatalo on Paciuksenkatu after the renovation of that building has been completed.

Children’s Traffic Town will remain open at all times.

Water supply for the new hospitals under construction in Laaksonkenttä and Aurorankenttä

The alliance has been carrying out preparatory work since the spring, and has been building the civil engineering infrastructure required by the new hospital buildings, such as water pipes, sewerage pipes and cables, in Laaksonkenttä and Aurorankenttä.

The construction site will affect traffic in the area, as the pedestrian and cycle path that runs from between Children’s Traffic Town and Laakso Hospital to Central Park has currently been diverted. It will, however, be opened again later this year once civil engineering work has been completed.

Car traffic will continue as normal on Nordenskiöldinkatu, with the exception of the cable transfer work near Children’s Traffic City in July. The traffic will then be on one lane instead of the normal two lanes. In the case of tram rails, work is carried out at night so that it has no effect on tram traffic. The exact date of the works affecting the traffic will be announced later.

Alteration work in the Aurora Hospital area

Roadworks in the Aurora Hospital yard area will also begin in August, as traffic arrangements in the yard need to be altered. Pedestrians and cyclists will be able to use Aurora Bridge as usual. Read more about alteration work in the Aurora hospital area in Finnish.

Verbal description of the map

Fenced construction sites (marked in yellow on the map) can be found at:

  • the former Laakso healthcare centre, the Muksulaakso daycare centre, and the roads between them
  • the southern section of the Laakso riding arena and Aurorankenttä car park, and the pedestrian and cycle path that runs to the west of Children’s Traffic Town
  • a small area of the Aurora Hospital yard just inside the main gate.

Construction site traffic (marked in red on the map) will drive to the Laakso Hospital area via the east end of Lääkärinkatu, which it will access from Mannerheimintie.

Routes for other traffic (marked in blue on the map) are as follows:

  • You can drive to the Laakso Hospital area from Mannerheimintie via Lääkärinkatu. After 300 metres, turn right and then right again after the building. Follow this road for about 100 metres.
  • You can reach the Vega and Synapsia buildings as usual from Nordenskiöldinkatu.

The work will not otherwise affect road traffic.

Pedestrians and cyclists cannot access the south and southwest corner of Laakso riding arena. Pedestrians and cyclists approaching from the north (that is, from Central Park) will be directed through the Laakso riding arena to Auroranportti.

There is also no access around building 2 in the Laakso Hospital area, with the exception of a vehicle route on the north side of the building.