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Sairaala-alueen työmaa ilmakuvassa.

The morning blasting times will change from 18.3.

We are preparing for blasting near the Meilahti Hospital area.

A large construction site with an old hospital building in the background.

Resident event, 27 February, 6 pm to 7 pm 

Construction experts are ready to answer questions and talk about construction of the Laakso Joint Hospital.

Machines in the tunnel.

The construction of the Meilahti-Laakso tunnel is progressing under Urheilukatu

The bulletin has been distributed to the nearest resident buildings.

Havainnekuvassa iso sairaalarakennus ja vanhoja sairaalarakennuksia keväisessä kaupunkimaisemassa.

SRV: Construction of the main building of the Laakso Joint Hospital starts

The construction of the main building of the Laakso Joint Hospital begins. The main contractor of the project, SRV, published its investor news on November 20, 2023.

The machine's red lights shine in the dark rock tunnel.

The 9-pm blast is the most noticeable

Local residents have been mostly disgruntled with the 9-pm slot in the blasting schedule.

Kaivinkoneita työskentelee työmaakuopan pohjalla.

Information for residents and businesses – September 6

We are inviting our closest neighbors and local businesses to visit the site and learn more about the project.

Kartta Laaksonkentän alueesta. Selitetty tarkemmin uutisen ohessa.

Changes to pedestrian and cycle routes around Laaksonkenttä

The pedestrian and cycle path at the northern end of Aurora Bridge will be closed north of Nordenskiöldinkatu.

Työmaakone syvässä kuopassa.

New blasting time from July 10th

We are adding an eighth time frame for blasting, so we may also blast between 4:55 and 5:05 p.m.

Poravaunu työskentelee kallioon louhitussa kuopassa.

Tunnel excavation begins on June 2nd – crew to also work Saturdays as of June 10th

Underground excavation is less disruptive to the neighborhood than open-face blasting.

A blast cloud rises in front of two buildings at the construction site.

New blasting schedule in the Laakso Hospital area and the Laakso riding arena

The excavation of the road tunnel will begin around mid-May.